acer chromebook

Google had a rather meagre start with their Chromebooks when first launched. Comparing Chrome OS to Android, it is fair to say there hasn’t been as much advancement or as much usage on Chrome OS.

While this doesn’t seem likely to change, considering the uprise in phones and tablets and the downturn of PC’s and laptops.

acer chromebook

Many still don’t understand why they would get a Chromebook over another ultrabook that has Windows OS. Having just the net on your computer can be beneficial  but it has severe limitations when users want to download non-web optimized applications.

Samsung recently released their own Chromebook edition at $249 starting price, with new features and a major update on the hardware side. Now Acer, the second company working with Google, have put their Chromebook up for sale at just $199.

The Acer C7, as it is called, will run Chrome’s Linux-based OS, is on the Google Store right now. It is also available from third party retailers if, although we are unsure how many shops will have it in stock.

The Acer Chromebook features the Intel Celeron 847 processor and 2GB’s of RAM, and while it isn’t the most powerful machine you will get your hands on, where the Acer Chromebook is weak in hardware specs, it makes up for in software.

Loading times on the Linux-based Chromebook OS is around 18 seconds, with all your previous work saved onto the cloud. You get 100GB’s of Google Drive storage on top of 320GB’s of hard-drive storage.

The physical weight and size of the Acer Chromebook C7 are attention-grabbers, with a 11.6 high-res display and a mere one centimeter thick body, it is certainly a very slim and well designed laptop.

Anti-virus and other security features come preloaded on the Acer Chromebook and there are constant updates on the OS to keep you optimized.

While the $199 Acer Chromebook C7 won’t be for everyone, anybody that just uses the web and rarely strays to other applications could find that the Acer C7 is their netbook of choice for the price.