iPad Mini and Apple TV set for full production

New Apple TV and iPad Mini Already In full Production

Waves of rumors about a number of Apple products have been hitting the shore lately, but the statement made by Piper Jefferies analyst Peter Misek about Apple setting the iPad Mini and the new Apple TV  for full production might end up to be true.

This statement is backed up by a couple of background checks on Apple’s main supplier, Foxconn. The research indicates that they are planning to build around 25 million new iPads during September and about 30 million in December, but that’s not all, as there have been a few revenue drops on Apple’s sheets which could have been used for building the new iPad Mini.

The new Apple TV declaration is also based on intel provided by Sharp, Foxconn and JDSU. The guys at JDSU are specialized in hardware and software that makes gesture controlled units possible. This tells us that the new Apple TV could be using gestures in a similar way to Microsoft’s successful Kinect.

In addition, rumors have been circulating about Apple working on a set-top box which is a cloud based DVR meant to combine live television with on-demand offerings. These reports were submitted by an anonymous source to the Wall Street Journal, noting that Apple has thus far been unsuccessful in signing agreements with cable providers.

Via – Electronista