There can be little doubt that Android and iOS games have made considerable progress over the years. With better hardware developers can now launch 3D game titles for those platforms. Sure, they are still someway behind consoles; but mobiles and tablets are bridging the gap. “Space Jet” is another newly launched Android game that boasts 3D graphics.

space jets
Extreme Developers has developed some exciting 3D games for the Android and iOS platforms. Among them are “Iron Tanks” and “Future Tanks,” which are 3D multiplayer game titles. Now ED has launched “Space Jet” this December, which is another game designed specifically for online multiplayer frolics.

If you are looking for a single player shooter, “Space Jet” is not it. In fact, it does not include any single player campaigns for players to play through. As such, it is specifically an online multiplayer game in which you can blast away ships in battles that include up to 10 players. It is also team-based multiplayer that includes two teams of spaceships.

Players can select from up to 20 ships for the aerial dogfights. The ships that you select are also upgradeable with the gold and silver players can collect in the game. Those ships have upgradeable parts for the weapons, armor, shield and engine. In addition, players can also add extra camouflage to their ships to give them a further advantage during the battles. With the decals you can further customize your spaceship.

“Space Jet” has a wide variety of maps to battle it out on. The maps are filled with a variety of debris such as asteroids and space junk. Just check out the video below for a preview of the game.

“Space Jet” is freely available for the Android. However, it does offer in-app purchases. “Space Jet’s” minimum system requirement is Android 4.0.3, and you will need to have 79 megabytes of storage for it.

So “Space Jet” could be among the more exciting 3D shooters on the Android. The game is out now, and you can find further details at the Google Play Store.

H/T: Droid Gamers