Newsvoice, as the name suggests is a “news” service. However, its news aggregation techniques make it stand out from the rest which botches the true purpose of news by taking sides. Its tagline is “free unbiased news” and after trying it for some time, I can say that it stands on its promise.

After installing the app, you are introduced to the clean slides which state the features of the app and why they are important in this content consumption generation. I loved it! After going through the slides, you are presented with a customization tool which asks for your level of interest in different topics.

Newsvoice Screen

The customization tool helps power the “Newsmix” feed which is basically a customized feed for the user. Newsvoice states that it will strike a balance between the topics, according your interests, so that you don’t get bogged down by unnecessary stuff. In my case, however, I chose “tech” as my priority but the “newsmix” didn’t do a good job, it rather showed me articles on games. Games definitely do fall under “tech” but almost 90% of the feed was just about games. Well, I guess it could get better over time, as I keep using it.

But the most important feature of Newsvoice is “multiple sources”. You may have used apps like Flipboard which show a single article on a unique news topic, however, Newsvoice shows multiple articles from different sources to provide the user with a different perspective on the news.

Newsvoice does a great job at aggregating news from different sources. To provide unbiased news is the need of the hour and Newsvoice appears to be off to a good start. Only if the service could improve its “customized feed” algorithms to provide a better-personalized experience, this could be the future Flipboard.

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