Nexus 10

Nexus 10

After a hectic Christmas shopping season for Google, they have added the Nexus 10, the Samsung/Google tablet, back into stock on the Google Play store. We have heard nothing on sales figures, although we suspect they are better than Samsung’s previous tablets.

The Nexus 10 was an incredible Android tablet because it was one of the first to truly challenge the iPad on hardware terms. The display on the Nexus 10 was very sharp and had higher pixel density than the iPad, performance was great and was battery life.

Our one problem was that Android apps for the Nexus 10 are quite poor, most are not optimised for a ten inch tablet. Apple has a great developing community that is happy to make apps for three different sizes, Android isn’t quite there yet.

We still have no word on when the Nexus 4 may be coming back in stock and both Google and LG have said there have been problems with the manufacturing and supply chains.

The biggest problem is that neither Google or LG expected such a wave of people to want the Nexus 4. It was cheap, had good performance and Android 4.2, but it wasn’t really meant to be a flagship contender, as it has no 4G.

Yet millions have flocked to the Google store to try and pick up this device. In the past three months, we have seen the Nexus 4 be in stock for a matter of hours. Normally the stock is on the Google store for less than ten minutes, then a ‘SOLD OUT’ sign is posted on the store.

We are unsure when Google and LG will bring enough stock to the store to allow users to buy the Nexus 4 without rushing against thousands of other people to the checkout. Right now, only 400,000 devices have been sold, a poor amount considering how many people want the Nexus 4.