NFT Development 6 Unfailing Steps to follow when Creating NFT Art

Are you an artist struggling to understand how to engage inNFT development? If so, there are simple steps to follow to make NFT art. Creating nft art to sell has become a popular niche within the blockchain. Thus, many artists and designers want to know how to make nft art and sell it to their audiences. Luckily, multiple tools in the market can help you understand how to make and sell nft art. Here, we explore the key steps to follow in NFT development.

What are the benefits of generative art NFT?

Currently, NFTs are trendy because they have various benefits. Here are the primary benefits of NFT development:

  • Scarcity: NFTs derive their value from their scarcity. This means that developers have a limit on their creations, making the asset scarce.
  • Uniqueness: the non-fungibility attribute of NFTs make them unique. The information about a specific NFT is stored on the blockchain. Through the data, you can evaluate the extent of the uniqueness of a particular NFT.
  • Indivisible: the indivisibility of NFTs means it’s impossible to subdivide them into smaller units. So, you need to pay for the full item to own it.
  • Ownership: it’s simple to prove ownership of an NFT item. Because the assets stay in the blockchain environment, it’s easy to link them to a specific account. So, you cannot share them with multiple accounts.

NFT development process

Before you embark on NFT development, you must identify the artwork you want to convert into NFT. Once you determine the file to transform into an NFT, you should choose the marketplace and the storage app. An NFT wallet is required to pay fees needed by the marketplace. If you’re fortunate to sell AI generate NFT, you will receive the money through this wallet. In summary, here are the steps to follow to make NFT art:

1.      Select a virtual storage app

The first step in your journey of creating nft art to sell requires that you’ve digital currencies. Many NFT marketplaces require an amount to allow the minting of your NFTs. Minting is the process of turning your artwork into NFT via a blockchain environment. Most platforms are built on the Ethereum network. So, it would help if you had ETH in your wallet.

However, some platforms are created on different blockchains, like Solana. So, when learning how to make nft art to sell, you should understand the various networks available.

Once you select your crypto wallet, you should load it and connect it to your chosen marketplace. You can buy the tokens from different exchanges if your wallet lacks them.

There are multiple crypto storage apps, such as MetaMask, Coinbase, and MyEtherWallet. Most beginners choose MetaMask because of its numerous perks.

2.      Link your crypto wallet to an NFT marketplace

After setting up a wallet and adding digital currencies, you should connect the app to the NFT marketplace. For example, if you choose Rarible, you’ll find the ‘Connect wallet’ button on the right-hand corner of the site. Once you click here, you’ll be asked to connect your wallet after accepting the terms and conditions of the platform.

3.      Upload the file

At this stage, you’ve your storage app linked with your marketplace. So, are you ready to know how to make nft art? I believe your answer is yes. So, on the Rarible platform, click the ‘Create’ button. You’ll see different alternatives, like creating a single or selling the same item many times. You can choose ‘Single’ and proceed to upload the virtual file that you want to transform into an NFT. Some file options include GIF, PNG, and MP4.

4.      Create an auction for your NFT

Once you’ve uploaded your file, your generative art nft is ready for sale. But you’ll need to determine how to sell your artwork. Here, you’ve two options: Fixed price and Unlimited Auction. The ‘Fixe Price’ technique allows you to determine the cost of your artwork and display it to your audiences. On the other hand, the ‘Unlimited Auction permits people to keep bidding until you approve one.

5.      Create a listing description

An essential step on how to make and sell nft art is adding a title and description for the listing. It’s vital to take time to create an attention-grabbing message to optimize the probability of selling.

Also, you need to indicate the percentage of royalties to receive from subsequent resells. Here, you need to be innovative and quote a reasonable rate. While a higher amount will earn you handsome royalties, it might prevent people from reselling your NFTs.

6.      Pay the listing fee to trade your NFT

The final stage in studying how to make nft art to sell is to link your storage app to meet the marketing fee.

What next?

Learning how to make and sell nft art is pretty simple. Following our shared steps, you can generate your art and sell it to the right audiences. However, developing NFTs has technical aspects that you need to understand. You can only minimize errors in NFT development if you choose an experienced agency. Such an agency has the right resources, technologies, and tools to help you create and sell your NFTs.