Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    Genre: Game

Shawnimals and Venan Entertainment joined forces to create Ninjatown: Trees of Doom for the iPhone, a stealthy Doodle Jump descendant with cute graphics and addictive gameplay.

The concept of the game is simple. Send your little ninja bambino catapulting back and forth from one tree trunk to the other, avoiding flying red balls of goo while trying to collide into power up features like invincibility bubbles and super bouncy mushrooms.

The tap controls are simple, highly responsive, and easy to pick up right from the start. It will likely take time and hours of practice before you’ll find yourself on the leaderboard, but when the time comes to tout your scores, Plus+ integration makes comparing yourself to the rest of the addicts out there intuitive.

All in all, it’s the irresistibly cute graphics and creative touches that make this game so fun. Just when the tree climbing starts to get repetitive the obstacles become more frequent, forcing you to pick up the pace and step up your game so your mitten shaped ninja can ascend to the heavens flying on mustachios, slinging from trees, and hopping from one trunk to the other in search of milestone height markers and endless thrills.

Bottom Line: A cute, addictive climbing game that squeezes every penny out of that well spent dollar. 7/10