Lumia 920

Nokia have had a few poor years in the smartphone business and the Lumia 920 was one of their biggest bets, after Microsoft revealing Windows 8 was incompatible with any current smartphones and sank the Lumia 900. Brilliantly, the anticipation for the Lumia 920 has come from nowhere and millions of people have ordered one.

While we aren’t exactly sure on the figures, some are saying 1 million while others are saying 3 million, we are positive this one of Nokia’s best launches and we can see the rejuvenation of this company starting. While Windows 8 may not be the most capable operating system, it gives the user another choice, and they seem to want that right now.

Lumia 920

The device has already sold out on Amazon, with shipping at two weeks expected. At only $99 for a two-year contract on AT&T, the Lumia 920 is very cheap compared to the competitors, although the Nexus 4 has set the bar for cheap flagship smartphones now.

Features on the Lumia 920 that make it such a top buy are the impressive build quality, the phone may be chunkier but it has a premium feel and looks impressive. The camera is also a marvel, software and hardware wise it seems a step above the usual smartphone rear-cameras.

Unlike the previous Windows version, where it seemed the partners were the only feature holding Windows back, it feels like Windows is holding Nokia back on the Lumia 920. As long as developers notice the amount of popularity and start developing apps for Windows 8, the Lumia 920 should be a great smartphone.

We believe worldwide the Nokia Lumia 920 may hit over 20 million sales before a new flagship comes out from Nokia. With such a big change to the Windows operating system, it may be some time before Windows are in a position to offer an iteration or new operating system.

  1. Been cussing my iPhone 4S since I got the piece of trash in February. Looking forward to dumping this platform and moving to something else. Windows 8 looks appealing and the Lumia 920 looks fantastic.

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