Nora Lighting: An Overview

How Nora Lighting Started

Fred and Jilla Frazan were co-founders of Nora Lighting, which was launched in 1989, just two years after they flee Iran from religious persecution. When they started, they were working in a 1000 square feet warehouse, with 4 SKUs (two trims and two cans), and with one full-time employee (aside from Jilla).

In 1993, Fred left his 8-5 office job and decided to join proactively will Jilla in handling and managing Nora Lighting. A year after, with the success of Nora Lighting, they relocated to a bigger warehouse with 6000 square feet area. 

For the next twelve (12) years, Fred and Jilly continuously expanded their amazing and exceptional Nora Lighting Family. They continued to work tirelessly to add new innovative products, expand their internal team, add new customer representative agencies, and grow their customer base. In 1996, they relocated for the third time in a much larger warehouse, which has 20,000 square feet area. 

In 2001, with the continued hard work, loyalty, and support from their team, representatives, and customers, they were able to purchase a 150,000 square feet warehouse in Commerce, California, which is their base facility. 

As of today, they proudly present their product catalog with SKUs over 40,000, a massive customer base (a lot who have been with them since their launching), an amazing and skilled sales representatives in all their business’ commercial showrooms, and over 150 employees added to their Nora Lighting family. 

In every Nora Lighting’s headquarters, they boast of a full R & D facility, which is equipped with the newest technology to develop their growing portfolio with their LED fixtures. They also have assembly lines to modify or produce a product that would meet their customer’s needs and wants. In addition, they have offices intended for Quality Control and testing. They are also now proud to announce the building of their newest Nora Lighting Showroom, which was completed in 2019. 

Nora Lighting is proud to be a family-owned and operated type of business. With thirty years in the business, Nora Lighting is pleased to say that they have stayed true to their core values in providing service, value, and quality throughout the past decades. They have lived up with their slogan, which is “Illuminating the Future,” and also to their mission statement, which is “Large enough to do it, small enough to care.” This vision and mission statement perfectly reflect on why Nora is such a great company that can provide its customers with lighting needs. They are still continuously working to provide the topmost quality, most up-to-date, and state-of-the-art lighting while not sacrificing their stand on their responsibility to provide their clients with exceptional customer service. 

Top Nora Lighting Products

Below is a list of some of the best-selling products of Nora Lighting.:


This is a perfect choice for energy-efficient lighting that can replace halogen or fluorescent lights used under the cabinets. It promises the dimming versatility of xenon or halogen and an even distribution of light, seamless operation, and energy-efficient fluorescent. LEDUR TW allows the user to choose among different kelvin temperatures at any given time through a three-position switch. The edge-lit LED configuration offers a smooth, consistent light on a counter surface. It removes hot spot granite reflections and other surfaces typically produced by traditional LEDs when used under cabinets. LEDUR boasts a quick installation process.

Comfort Dim

Comfort Dim, presented by Nora, is an advancement in energy-efficient dimming that warms the light as the power is reduced. The Comfort Dim Tape is the ideal linear lighting alternative for restaurants, cinemas, home theatres, event venues, and other uses where the temperature and light can set the mood. This energy-efficient yet very low-profile LED light is perfect for cove lighting, under-cabinet, and many more subtle places.

Ilene Series

With the use of the Cree COB Technology, this type of lighting produces a clear, crisp light of 90+ CRI. Its optics are set for perfect visual comfort. Each type of the iLene Series has three optics for changeable spots, have narrow floods, and spreads for flood beam. Its mounted canopy driver allows the seamless operation and also has dimming options. Its cylinders are available in different colors: Black, White, and Silver. 

RLM LED Shades

This product line has different sizes to choose from – 8”, 10” and 16” in diameter. It has a fantastic aluminum shade that fits with almost any décor. Its LED optics are seated deeply in the bowl to provide an equal distribution of light and visual comfort. 

ARI Step Lights

These LED step lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient. It provides bright illumination for safety when walking in stairsteps, walkways, or balcony areas. This step light is low maintenance and can save up to 80% of the energy cost compared to that of an incandescent step light (10 Watts).  

Bravo Frost TW

This low-profile fixture provides an excellent and even light illumination on any surface. This LED linear light is one of the most powerful and energy-efficient lighting available in the market. 

Quartz Series

This type of Nora Lighting fixture is a commercial grade and architectural LED downlight. It has tunable switches, a Tunable Wattage that allows the user to change the lumen output and a Tunable White that enables the selection of Kelvin temperatures. Furthermore, it has reflectors that include 2 tension steel spring clips that will allow the fixture to be installed without the need of frame or housing. 

Onyx TW Series

 This lighting is a high-quality and economical fixture that is compatible with an existing, newly constructed, or remodel housings.

Fire Rated Housings

This double-wall fixture integrates fire insulation, which is non-combustible to prevent the passage of flames, ignitable gasses, or toxic gasses into the ceiling plenums. This is suitable for use in any commercial, residential, or multi-family applications. 

AC Opal Series

This is designed to be easily mounted on any standard junction box and is also suitable to be used with any recessed housing. It produces an even illumination. Also, it does not produce any diode image. This Opal fixture is the perfect lighting for closets, pantries, laundry rooms, hallways, and even showers – may it be in a commercial or residential setting.