Are you looking for more from an iPhone or iPad media player? Then you might want to consider adding nPlayer to it, which is available for iOS 7 or later. That is a media player which boasts an impressive variety of options for playing videos and audio.

What Does it Do?

Nplayer is a video and music player wrapped into one. With it users can play videos in a variety of formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, ASF, FLV and more besides. Furthermore, it supports the MP3, WAV, WMA and FLAC audio formats. In addition, it supports streaming technology so that you can play your videos back from servers such as WebDAV, FTP, Dropbox, Box, etc to save storage space. Another advantage of its video player is that it includes editing options with which you can adjust the saturation, brightness and flip the video horizontally or vertically. Plus it has an option that enables you to playback video or music with a smaller miniview that overlaps its menus.



But nPlayer boasts more than just a video and audio player. It also has a browser and picture viewer. With its built-in browser you can download video and then play it back with nPlayer. Alternatively, you can select to playback video played with the app’s browser in nPlayer by selecting it from the Recents list. The app also has a picture viewer with Slideshow option that can showcase your photos. However, as it includes absolutely no customization settings its Slideshow option is not much good.

The UI is easy to navigate through, but it would still be good to have a user guide on the website to provide further details for using the app’s various options and settings. It consists of a primary nPlayer menu from which you can select Local to access your video, music and pictures. Overlapping text on the menus can make video and song titles a little unclear. There are also further customization options available with which you can select alternative menu colors.


TapScape’s Final Thoughts

At $8.99 nPlayer does not offer absolutely the best value for an app. However, with a video and music player, picture viewer and browser included with it, plus a host of additional options, this is still a decent app to add to your iPhone or iPad. So check it out!