An image of the Nvidia Volta

Nvidia has a good reputation in the graphics card market. Now, Nvidia is expected to announce its new Volta architecture, Nvidia Volta. We have got all the news related to Nvidia Volta.

Nvidia Volta

We have already seen two generations of Volta y Nvidia. However; they were focused on scientists and other professionals. Prices are very higher.

Because high graphics and better quality is always in demand, companies like Nvidia keeps developing new and cheap tech. Let us have a look at specs.

Nvidia Volta specs

Pascal GPUs are based on 16 nm technology. However; to achieve more efficiency, Volta is based on 12 nm technology.

12 nm technology offers more speed and less power consumption as compared to 16 nm.

12 nm will allow the company to put more transistors in the same size. The transistors will be closer to each, making them faster and less power hungry.

21.1 billion transistors present in the Titan V provides the speed of up to 110 teraflops. Design of new tensor cores will speed up the process and will provide deep learning ability.

Titan V has a memory bandwidth of up to 652 GB/s. It is achieved by 6 clusters of graphics processing, 320 texture units, 5120 CUDA cores with the clock speed of up to 1200 MHz.

Nvidia Volta Price

As there are no official words from the company, we don’t know the exact pricing for new graphics processors.

One thing can say for sure is that Volta powered card will be pricey because they are not intended for gamers.

Nvidia pascal cards came at a premium price, so Nvidia Volta based cards will be way expensive for a normal gamer. We are still waiting for the launch of Nvidia Volta based new cars to see prices.

Nvidia Volta release date

As we said earlier, the Volta based cards are already there. As they are expensive and out of reach for a normal gamer, Nvidia is not expected to announce next-generation anytime soon.

We expect to see new generation at the end of the current year. However; there is no word from the company.

Note that all the info given here is not confirmed by the company. The info may be wrong, or there could be any change in the final product.