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Aipoly Vision is a new iOS app designed to bring color recognition and object recognition to visually impaired iOS users.

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Aipoly Vision is going to help you see better – whether you have a visual impairment, are blind or are color blind. This free iOS app is designed to help iOS users understand their surroundings in a whole new way.

Aipoly Vision is optimized for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and the two main functions within the app are color recognition and object recognition. You can choose which mode you want when you first open up the app and then you can simply point the iOS device at an object and then the app tells you either the name or color of the object.

An example of how this would work includes maybe you are color blind and need help picking out a pair of socks in the store. Simply point your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at the pair of socks, and if you choose color recognition then it will tell you what color the socks are. Aipoly Vision app can tell you what hundreds of different objects are without any programming or training. The best part is that you do not have to take a picture of the object in question for the app to work. All you have to do is simply hover over it and the app tells you what you want to know.

While this is great news for the visually impaired, as with most tech things, it is not 100 percent foolproof. It does get items wrong from time to time. The color recognition is easy and seemed to be on the nose all of the time. It is just the object recognition that has a few hits and misses. Of course, with hundreds of objects in the Aipoly Vision library, it is to be expected that certain objects end up misidentified.

If you want to add objects into the library or catalog, then you can do that as well by typing in the description and then the developer says things will be added and fine-tuned as updates come out. The developer had also pointed out how this new app will be able to understand future version scenes, including identifying more complex situations in your environment.

As a quick note to those who are visually impaired, Aipoly Vision is not meant to replace a dog assistant or human assistant. This means that if you are in need of some help, such as a seeing-eye dog, do not just think you can get this app and all will end well. For people though who want to experience iOS in a new way and also have the ability to have color and object recognition at your fingertips, then this app might be for you.

Source: AppAdvice

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