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Oishi Shake Me To Japan is the latest from True Digital Content and Media Company Limited. You would not be entirely unwise to doubt the quality of the game based on the utter blandness of the developer”s name. The game ostensibly revolves around a race to find the world”s greatest green tea, which is a bit funny because the act of actually brewing a real pot of tea is more interesting than this game.


Don”t let this trailer fool you. There is no hang gliding or bad ass motorcycle chases with ninjas to be found in Shake Me To Japan. What you will find, however, is an experience akin to suffering an extremely slow seizure. The game is set up like a board game in the a style similar to the Mario Party games. To advance you must roll a virtual dice by actually shaking your device. Sometimes the game doesn”t register that you even moved so you have to violently shake your device repeatedly in order to advance. Don”t play this game in public if you are worried about looking like an angry lunatic.

You select from one of four characters, each of whom look they they were drawn on accident by a blind four year old. After you reluctantly select the least hideous persona, the game drops that character onto the board. There”s also a big headed ninja there and, based on best online casino his angry eyes, I guess he is your rival. However, his motives are unknown and he never really gets in your way. The developers were probably just hoping that the presence of a ninja would trick someone into thinking the game was cooler than it actually is. Your character and the ninja take turns rolling the dice and advance along the board. Depending on where you land, you will either receive and item, be forced to play a mini-game, or just pretend that something cool happened because sometimes your turn simply ends.

The mini games involve things like matching up ingredients to create tea by tapping on the screen or catching falling leaves by tilting your device. Any enjoyment that might have been gleamed from these segments is killed by controls that are unforgivably unresponsive, especially for the mini games that rely on motion sensing technology.

The game is called Shake Me To Japan, bit if I was offered a free trip to Japan, with the only condition being that I played this game the entire way there, I would honestly have to pass. But then again, the game is free. So if you enjoy playing awful games, knock yourself out. Although, you might have more fun actually knocking yourself out. Like with a brick or something. Or possibly poison tea.