One of the Best Free-to-Play Shooter Games Available on Android Devices

Without question mobile gaming, and gaming in general, has grown in popularity recently, and there are several reasons for this. Gaming in general has gone a long way since the 1990s, thanks to technological improvements. You can’t argue with the fact that games are becoming more joyful and addicting and as they’re starting to appeal to more age brackets, the gaming worldwide income and industry is reaching new levels and is generating masses of income.

While mobile games and gaming consoles have been quick to adopt new technology, other kinds of gaming and entertainment sectors are adapting these newest technologies within their products and services. For example, the casino gambling industry, there are now many online casinos websites that enable their members to play selected games like roulette, poker etc by the use of virtual reality headsets. Our team of passionate punters have provided that employ these cutting-edge technologies so you as a member can have the greatest possible experience when playing.

Furthermore, if you play games on your Android mobile device, there is one game that is completely free to play and is highly recommended to play,

Call of Duty: Mobile Version –

The game ‘Call of Duty’ is a hugely popular series in gaming and is played by millions of people worldwide, even if you aren’t a gamer or know very little about gaming, you ought to have heard about this franchise as it seen almost everywhere. 

This game includes several of the most popular multiplayer modes, such as team deathmatch, domination, headquarters, and so on. The game also features the very popular game mode known as ‘Battle Royale’ which has the same concept as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

 This game has in-app purchases, from the games store you can purchase cosmetics such as weapon camos, character skins, emotes, titles and emblems etc. However, you do not have to purchase any of these items as they’re only for showcasing and looks, buying any of the items from the store doesn’t improve your gameplay or affect how you play by any means. 

In-app purchases are available in this game, allowing you to purchase cosmetics, weapon charms, and other items. However, you are not needed to make any transactions in order to unlock the game’s many different weapon and character skins just by playing. Although these skins and cosmetics provide you a visual edge, they have no effect on your performance in the game.