OnePlus 3 rear camera can perform terrifically in low light, courtesy of latest sample

OnePlus 3 leaks provided have shown that the smartphone is going to go in the right directions to become one of the best Android smartphones of 2016. Unfortunately, most terrifically priced phones normally sacrifice in areas where regular users will probably not notice and that happens to be in the camera department. However, one low light image captured by Liu Zuohu shows that there is a slight chance that the upcoming phone could have a camera that takes outstanding images in surroundings where there is limited source of light.


As you can see in the sample, there is very little noise (another term that we can used to describe noise is film grain) in the snapped image, so we are definitely hoping that users can experience the same level of performance when consumer units are shipped to the masses. If the results taken from those OnePlus 3 units are nothing like the one like the sample given below, then we will assume that some serious editing went into tweaking this image and that would be quite disappointing.

This is not the first time that camera samples were shown to us. Last time, Pete Lau demonstrated how well the camera performed, and all of them feature a resolution of 4640 x 3480. The front camera will be an 8MP sensor and powering up the smartphone will be a Snapdragon 820 chipset. OnePlus 3 is said to come in several different models, with the base model possessing 4GB RAM, while the highest performing one will have 6GB RAM. We are still unsure of the screen size, with some leaning towards a 5.5-inch display, while some rumors suggest that the device will have a 5-inch display. The resolution is going to remain at 1080p, since that is an ideal resolution to be placed in a something that has a small screen.

The smartphone is expected to be announced on June 14, so after that we shall know how well OnePlus 3 stands in all areas.

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