Latest OnePlus 4 Could Be Dubbed The OnePlus 5 Instead

OnePlus 4, or as many others may call it, OnePlus 5, may well be another competitor that will rival the smartphone giants flagships of Apple and Samsung. However, many are confused and have been debating with the name of the device and when its official release date is going to be.

It was believed that there would not be any news release in regards to the next-generation OnePlus smartphone device until maybe around June or May of this year. However, new updates regarding the official name and the release date of the OnePlus 4 / OnePlus 5 have been recently found by devoted enthusiasts and users of OnePlus smartphones.

In addition, unlike Apple that announces its new iPhone models on September 7 and releases them a few couple weeks later, and Samsung, that always uncovers its smartphones at the MWC, OnePlus does not have a particular pattern of announcements and release dates of any of their devices, nor are the planned release dates ever announced to the public in advance, until of course a few weeks before hand.

So the big question remains, why would OnePlus want to name its 4th generation flagship OnePlus 5 instead of the logical OnePlus 4? Well if you take a look at Chinese history, it’s clear to see that Chinese smartphone producers, jump to the number 5 and entirely skip the number 4. This is due to the fact that the number 4 is recognized as a cursed value in Chinese traditions. This is because number 4’s pronunciation is similar towards the term “demise” or “decrease” with the words being homophonous to each other. Therefore, dubbing the flagship device that is next in line as “OnePlus 5” is just a situation that is completely probable.

OnePlus would not be the first Asian organization to have overlooked the number 4 in its naming of devices. The PowerShot G-Series of Cannon had leaped to the G5 straight after the G3. Therefore, it seems that this situation may be the same exact reason as to why OnePlus may opt out of naming their latest flagship the OnePlus 4, the OnePlus 5.

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