Shows mirrored back and notched display
The leaked images of the OnePlus 6.

Images of the OnePlus 6 have allegedly been leaked on a Chinese social media site named Weibo. The images were then later deleted but several people had already saved and shared the image. The sequel to the popular OnePlus 5T wasn’t expected to be unveiled until summer.

Assuming these images are authentic, it would seem that OnePlus have tried their hand at making a bezel-less phone, similar to the iPhone X. OnePlus’ phones are known to resemble the iPhones closely, and this variant is no exception. The images reveal that the  display has a small notch on the top, given that the display completely engulfs the front.

The back is redesigned as well, with a new glossy mirrored finish. The back consists of the dual lens camera with the fingerprint sensor right below it. The OnePlus logo is placed right below the fingerprint sensor. That’s all the information we can gather from analysing the two leaked images.

We can assume that the OnePlus 6 will be equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. It might have two variants like the 5T, one with 6 GB RAM/ 64GB storage and another with 8GB RAM/ 128 GB storage. It is also possible that, like the iPhone X, the second variant may have 256 GB of storage rather than 128.

There is also speculation that the OnePlus 6 will come with their own take on FaceID. Following the example of the iPhone X, several other manufacturers have tried to develop their own face unlock tech. One area where we hope OnePlus doesn’t assimilate the iPhone X, is the 3.5mm headphone jack. Hopefully, the 6 will carry over the headphone jack from the 5T.

As for pricing, we can only speculate whether the 6 will cost as much as the 5T or more. All the OnePlus phones exhibit a pattern wherein, each phone’s successor has a slight increase in price. OnePlus 5T starts at around $500 for the base variant and we can foresee a minor increase for the OnePlus 6.