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The best answer to this question would be: Not yet, has it at 765 are mobile-friendly of the 901 active casinos reviewed. Any casino intent on making it in the iGaming business will have to take the mobile route sooner or later – the market demands it, and this demand is going to grow linked to the increasing overall use of mobile devices, and the decreasing amount of free time we can afford.

Mobile Technology in Gambling

When a gaming site is formatted for mobile use, it is considered an advantage – so it has not yet become a standard. Many online companies reasons that internet games are already a convenience enough: customers have their laptops to carry around if they want to play somewhere other than home. But today, we use our mobile phones much more than computers – if we are willing to install a phone app to help us count calories and eat better, there’s no reason not to want a mobile casino.An image of girl playing online gaming

The smartphone can be used anywhere, it can fit into any bag and is more practical than a laptop. The latest generations of smartphones are essentially pocket computers – they can perform most simple tasks just as good, if not better. Future technological accomplishments will provide more advanced devices which will no doubt replace traditional personal computers on a massive scale, at least for everyday life and needs outside of professional work. It is no wonder then that industry experts consider mobile devices the future of gambling – considering the current trends, this assumption doesn’t sound too far out.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Casinos

Online casinos that share this view have acted accordingly and now offer platforms where software is more or less optimized for mobile. Usually only to some extent, as those sites where the entire platform is mobile-friendly are still quite rare. In most cases, casinos will optimize a certain number of slots that are frequently played on their sites, and sometimes a few table games to go along. Aside from the limited amount of games and a small-scale interface, there are not many other differences between the mobile version and a standard website. Financial transactions, promotions, support options and gameplay all work the same.

You can access mobile platforms in two ways: either directly in your mobile browser, or via a real money app that can usually be downloaded via a link on the official casino website, or at various other places online. Some casinos have chosen to make it easier for players, by making the platform instantly accessible from a mobile device. If this is the case, you won’t have to download any apps which are always more convenient. Most operators, however, require a mobile application that you have to download and install.

Anytime, Anywhere

While there are not many drawbacks with mobile casinos, their main advantage is accessibility. The quickening pace of modern life brings with it the need for instant gratification. People want everything here and now, or as soon as possible – the same goes for gamblers. If you’re on a lunch break, you can pull out your phone and play your favorite slot. You can gamble while in a line at a supermarket, in your bed before sleep, on your way to work. At some point in the future, mobile casinos will become the standard in the gaming industry, and until then, you’ll have to search among the current offering for the best and most suitable option.