Oscar Mayer Alarm Will Emit The Smell Of Bacon

There are rarely innovations in the realm of alarm clocks and when there are interesting ideas, they never include the smell of bacon. Oscar Mayer is changing that with an alarm clock named Wake up and Smell the Bacon.

Oscar Mayer Alarm Will Emit The Smell Of BaconOscar Mayer’s new device will literally emit the smell of bacon when the alarm is supposed to go off and according to the company’s website, the alarm clock will plug directly into an iPhone.

To go along with the bacon smell, a free app is already available for iOS, but since the iPhone obviously cannot send out smells, the app only uses the sound of sizzling bacon as an alarm. However,  Oscar Mayer is letting people apply to get the Wake up and Smell the Bacon device, which will combine the real smell of bacon with the sound effects of it being made.

When imagination blossoms, only this scent will guide you to the greatest awakening. Wake up … to the morning of your dreams. – Oscar Mayer, YouTube video

Oscar Mayer says that it came out with the device as a result of the massive amount of people who absolutely love everything related to bacon. Plus, the phrase “wake up and smell the bacon” has been around for so long that a device that actually releases the scent was bound to become a thing.

People who have already been able to test out the alarm clock report that Oscar Mayer has actually been able to create a device that accurately recreates the smell of bacon. Although this product may be silly, Oscar Mayer’s success in recreating a scent may result in other devices that produce a plethora of scents.

Information regarding a retail release of Wake up and Smell the Bacon has not been provided, so the alarm clock may only be sold in limited quantities to those that apply.


Summary: Oscar Mayer has unveiled its Wake up and Smell the Bacon alarm clock which will emit the real scent of bacon and combine it with the sound of sizzling bacon. The device is currently available via an online application and future plans haven’t been released.

Image Credit: valuewalk