the news for android and blackberry? all your users and profits are belong to apple and iPhone.

When you have unrivaled brand loyalty, unmatched customer satisfaction, overwhelming developer support and 40-plus percent margins, everyone else is number two. A fresh survey — 100 percent post-consumer you know what — has the news for Android and Blackberry purveyors, all your users (and profits) are belong to Cupertino.

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt got a peak at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ survey of iPhone buyers and discovered the following:

• 42 percent were switching from another smartphone, up from 36 percent in February

• 38 percent were coming from either Android or BlackBerry (29 percent in Feb)

• 34 percent were upgrades from earlier iPhones, down from 71 percent immediately after the iPhone 4S launch last fall

• 24 percent were switching from a feature phone or buying their very first mobile phone

And these data points bolster stuff we’ve learned in the past: 89 percent of iPhone buyers say they will buy another iPhone, that developers overwhelmingly prefer iOS (75 percent of all new apps launch on iOS) and that Apple, depending on who’s doing the counting, owns 70-plus percent of smartphone profits.

But forget all of that. Forget the camera, Siri, iOS 6, third-party ecosystem and, most of all, forget the iPhone 5. Android rulez because unit volume is the only measure that matters…

What’s your take?

via TUAW, image rachel’s blog