Most of the people who download torrent files, usually do not care about the security of the source. They don’t like to dig into technical details thinking that the fact that they’ve downloaded it stays already a victory. But if users stay attentive enough, their question seems not “How to download it?” but “How to make it faster and safer?”. And the first question they ask is how their data stays transferred to them. Now there are two ways, how data stays transferred from data holder to its receiver: P2P sharing and Bittorrent.


P2P and Bittorrent: How They Differ

One cannot say, which sharing system stays better than another because both seem entirely different. They differ not only by architecture but by the way how and for which categories of files they are used. A lot of torrent sites employs Bittorrent solutions because:

  1. They work at much higher speeds: The more seeders share a particular file, the higher will stay the downloading speed. Bittorrent platforms allow thousands of users to exploit this system every day, so each file can have more than 100 active seeders, allowing to download it within seconds;
  2. They don’t require much server space: In Bittorrent systems, one doesn’t need a server containing all uploaded files. They all are contained in seeders’ computers and this system brings each part of a file from a randomly chosen active seeder. Maintenance costs of that site stay very low compared to P2P systems;
  3. Bittorrent systems help users stay more involved: The more you upload and seed already downloaded websites, the more is your rating and speed of downloading. That is why if you use a Bittorrent client, you should always keep it open so that others could use it.

Although P2P systems are much slower, their users can always tell, from which source they’ve got this file. Bittorrent divides them all into tiny particles which are received from miscellaneous computers involved into this system. P2P does not divide the file, its entire copy is distributed from the owner to its receiver. That is why if you catch some malware or virus program, you know from where did you get it.


Which One is Better for You?

What is more valuable for you? Do you like to sacrifice transparency for the higher speed? Or do you really like to know from which source have you got this file? Now you can find a lot of torrents websites incorporating either first or the latter type of file sharing systems. So it is up to you, which one will better fit your necessities. Don’t forget to switch on VPN while downloading as it is the best way for you to use these sites privately and stay undetected by governmental agencies (if the use of torrents is restricted in your country).

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