Wildstar Reloaded: Is It Worth Playing or Not?

Wildstar Reloaded is a new version of a traditional MMORPG game everyone used to. Meet the futuristic universe with tons of great features, new items you can buy at the in-game...

Spotify vs Apple Music: Which music streaming service is the best?

Spotify is the global leader in the music streaming industry, Apple is catching up but its still a long way from getting there. However, Apple Music’s share is growing rapidly in...

Best cases for the Google Pixel 2

Google’s Pixel 2 is the best Android phone. Period. So, its likely that you are considering buying it or have already bought it. The next step always is to buy a...

Best laptops to buy in 2018: Shopping Guide

This was supposed to be the “post PC” era; we were supposed to be using smartphone and tablets completely. However, we do use smartphones a lot, actually, we depend a lot...

LG G7 is releasing this March

The South Korean phone maker, LG is due to release its flagship phone for the year. The company usually releases its G-series phone in January or early in the year...
Google Pixel 2 Android Phone

Best Android phones you can get right now!

Picking an Android phone is quite difficult; actually it has become even more difficult in the past few years as Android makers are making extremely good phones.Previously, it was just the...

HTC U12 is coming soon; here’s what you need to know

Its February! That means it's almost time for major smartphone makers to show off their flagships for the year. We have been hearing a lot about the South Korean maker’s (Samsung)...

iPhone 11 has been leaked but is it 11?

Apple introduced the iPhone X last year, messing up the nomenclature of the iPhone lineup. The company also released the iPhone 8 last year along the iPhone X; the ‘X’ is...
windows 10

How to install Windows 10: The complete guide

Installing an operating system might sound like a huge task. Actually, its very easy, well not all, however, installing Windows 10 is a breeze.You can follow the text guide or the...
iPhone SE2

iPhone SE2 leak confirms that it won’t be radically different

In the past few weeks, a lot of rumors have surfaced about the 2018 iPhone lineup. Part of that, was also the iPhone SE2; it was reported that the model would...

Best Antivirus for your Android phone

The smartphone is the device that people reach out to do various tasks like e-banking, sharing important documents to almost everything which required a desktop/laptop even 2-3 years ago.However, not many...

Buy an iPhone for under $100

The iPhone 5 was released in 2012, redefining the classic design language while also introducing a new dimension. It was gorgeous, well-built and thin.It’s practically not advisable to buy the iPhone...

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