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Online Education

How Technology Helps Improve Online Education and Overall Quality of Learning

Since the year 2000, it has been found that online learning had an edge over traditional, classroom-based learning. In 2010, a review published by the US Department of Education stated that online...

VPN Is Becoming A Standard Internet Security Practice

Many online users take to VPN as a means of protecting their privacy and anonymity on the world wide web. Internet traffic passes through a secure, encrypted tunnel in order to...
POS system

5 Ways Free POS Software Benefits Small Business

Catching up on consumer demands is a must, especially if you're establishing a small business. A free, cloud-based POS software stands to give you the most benefit. Inventory, customer and employee...
Smartphone Strain

How to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Strain

Your smartphone is a handy device that most people cannot do without due to the convenience and access to the online platforms for diverse online experiences. However, staring at your smartphone...

4 Things to Do With Your Old Tech

Many of us have old technology lying around in our junk drawers or stored on closet shelves. What should you do with it all? Instead of throwing those useless cell phones,...

Voiptoners offer free speed and ping testing for your VoIP

There are many programs available online where you can make comparisons. However, this opportunity is quickly becoming a thing of the past as service providers off comparison are starting to realize...

Best Time Tracking Apps for Small Businesses

Almost any business, regardless of size and field, can benefit from time tracking software. A time tracking software helps increase the team productivity to keep the business profitable. It saves them...
Mobile App Development

5 Tips on Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to build a mobile application for your business. This is a very important step in the growth of your business and can do wonders with your customers...
eye in painting

Facebook’s new AI research – Eye In-Painting

Nowadays there are many ways to make your pictures better with editing. You can make your snaps look better with effects and edits like Red-eye remover and lens flare etc. But...
Technology Behind Effective Retail Prices

The Math, Psychology, and Technology Behind Effective Retail Prices

Shopping online has become the norm. And those of us who shop online often would know how fast prices change and fluctuate. If you don’t seal that deal in 10 minutes,...
Minecraft Aquatic

Minecraft Aquatic Update

Minecraft has recently announced the release date of Aquatic update which is going to be the last update for Legacy Console Editions. The release date of Minecraft Aquatic update is 21st...
Dibond Evolution

Dibond Evolution: Beauty Behind The Artwork

Dibond technology traces its roots in the year 1992 and has since been an industry leader. Traditionally, production required ordering pre-cut aluminum sign blanks, then using vinyl cutters to craft and...

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