Pandora update

Pandora update

Pandora is a great music service, whether you’re talking about the paid version or the basic free features, there is a lot to love about the service. One of the best things about Pandora is that you can play it on your PC or on the go with an iOS or Android mobile app. In fact, Pandora recently revealed that more than 70% of its listening base comes from the mobile world, with the iOS version once even reaching the #1 spot for favorite free app.

With that in mind, today Pandora is launching a new version of the Android app (version 1.7) with many revisions that are worth taking a look at.

What’s New in the Pandora update?

The new Pandora update features a major redesign of the app, creating a HTML 5 app experience that is designed to have a more consistent look and feel that falls in place with existing iOS and Android versions, not to mention the web experience on the PC. Navigation is also expected to be improved dramatically in the update.

Is that it? Nope, sure isn’t. Pandora is getting what the company calls “Interactivity features”, which means you can now access song history and review, rate or even bookmark songs that you’ve played before. The Android app version even gets an exclusive feature, which is a new encyclopedia-esque exploration system that can access full song lyrics, artist bios, and information about similar artists and tracks out there. While it is an Android exclusive feature, the company plans to possibly bring this feature to the iOS version in the near future.

The overall look and feel in Pandora might have changed, but the overall experience and the way it fetches music hasn’t. For those that like exploring new songs based on artists and styles they already like, there are few choices better than Pandora.

You can check out the latest Pandora update for yourself through Google Play.

Via: TechCrunch

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