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When you do not know how to deal with your PDF files and are having problems with it, PDF Bear is the answer to all your difficulty. PDF Bear gives you the assurance that it is the most trustworthy, easiest, and safest tool that every individual can utilize, and the best thing is that it is free. 

There may be other tools that can also manage your files, but things will be a lot better with PDF Bear. It helps you split, convert, compress, and even restore all your PDF files with minimal to no struggle effort. This tool is best for everyone that always encounters files that are in PDF. So here are some of the essential PDF Bear converters that you can use.


With a process that is direct and uncomplicated, your PPT files can be converted into PDF fastly. With PDF Bear’s help, there are so many things that users can achieve. The quality of the data is maintained even after the conversion.

Users can share their files with their business partners, colleagues, classmates, or anyone who needs your data without any problem. Not all system supports PPT files, although it is commonly the standard file. But with PDF Bear’s help as your tool for conversion, you can easily convert your data promptly. And from that time, you can do a lot of things with your PDF files like splitting, compressing, merging, and so on. So, here are the easy steps if you want to learn how to use PPT to PDF converter:

  1. Choose the PPT file that needs to be converted.
  2. Watch and wait while your file is on the process.
  3. By the time that your data is now uploaded, start to choose which options are available.
  4. Tap the button that indicates “Download” to save your file and share it with your Dropbox or Google Drive. 

PDF to Excel

Using PDF Bear in converting your files is super easy. However, the conversion time depends on the size of the data and the server’s workload, but even if the file size is enormous, the tool can still convert data as fast as it can.

If you wish to have a converter that can alter a PDF file to Excel, PDF Bear converter is the best to utilize, and that is recommended by many. It guarantees users that all their files are safe and secure, and the quality will remain perfectly intact. This tool is entirely handy and is free of charge. Here is the procedure to convert PDF to Excel:

  1. Select and upload the PDF file that you wish to convert on the PDF Bear website.
  2. Wait for a couple of seconds while your data is on the process of converting.
  3. At this point, your file is ready, and you can now download the Excel spreadsheet.
  4. After an hour, your data will be deleted from the server after the conversion.


If your photos are in JPG and you wish to convert it into PDF, PDF Bear can also do that. Directions on how to convert all files are simple and easy to understand, and just a few seconds, your converted file is ready. This converter will not make you spend even a cent, but it works efficiently and swiftly. And users of this system can now convert photos online without the hassle since it will do its job. Here’s how to convert a JPG into PDF:

  1. Select the JPG file and upload it.
  2. Pick out your preferred options.
  3. Click “Convert” and wait for it to process.
  4. The “Download” button will appear, and that is for saving your file to your laptop or computer. You can as well share it to your Google Drive and Dropbox.


You can always entrust PDF Bear with your files if you need to repair, merge, split, convert, compress, and a lot more. This great tool allows you to finish and achieve your goal in a fast, easy, and simple way within seconds. And this tool is entirely for free.

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