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With the holiday season upon us there will be many parents desperately trying to dream up ways to entertain their children at home. As a possible solution¬†Entertainment One has put together Peppa’s Activity Maker, a delightful app packed with simple but fun activities based on the hugely popular Peppa Pig animated series.

Peppas Activity 1

Designed to be used by both parent and child together, Peppa’s Activity Maker splits activities into Indoor and Outdoor sections, and then further divides them based on the time required to complete each activity. So, if it’s raining outside and you have half an hour to kill, setting those filters will dish up a list of activities which suit the situation.

Get your child involved in the activity selection process

Especially charming is the option to allow your child to select the activity him/herself – the system has been designed as an activity generating machine with levers to pull and buttons to press, the new activity popping out onto the conveyor belt in a box bulging with excitement. It’s a really neat way of letting your child feel directly involved in the process.

Peppas Activity 2

The activities themselves are sweet and straightforward for the most part, and loosely tied in with aspects of the television series. They range from quick 10 minute projects like frozen water balloon dinosaur eggs or making a fruit smoothy to bigger exercises such as building a cardboard aquarium or space rocket. Some are explained via a lengthy tutorial video, while others have step by step instructions with images.

Hours of fun that awakens the imagination

Getting around the app is easy enough, with a neatly laid out interface, clearly labelled options and chunky buttons made for little fingers. The one annoyance is that often while scrolling through the activities list you will inadvertently select one with a tap that was meant to be a press & scroll, opening the wrong activity. Hardly a game-breaking concern, though.

Peppas Activity 3

Peppa’s Activity Maker, like Peppa’s Paintbox, is another impeccably polished free app which makes good use of this beloved character license. Exasperated parents at their wit’s end might wish for more activities – there are less than forty to choose from – but the exercises which have been included should provide many hours of safe, interactive fun.

Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.