Perodua Aruz

Now a days when looking to buy a car, people look more into the custom detailing which can provide them and their family with comfort instead of overrated features which are of no use. That being said, if you have landed on this article looking for an all rounder family SUV then we have what you require. Yes, the Perodua Aruz another feature intensive, compact designed and sleek SUV has landed in the automobile market this very January. Here are some of the most eccentric features that you might want to take a look at;

Looks/visuals of Perodua

Perodua is a vehicle that falls right on the money someone is willing to spend and that can be verified by its stunning looks and outer visuals. The car itself is narrow and have a custom shadow height/stature to it. Although adding chrome base plating along with rear and front windows and along the rims of the wheel adds a glistening attaché of passion and credibility to it. The whole vehicle has an arc like structure the one you see with high-end vehicles that are running across highways and open roads. LED headlights, rear LED combo lamps along with roof rails and black cladding over the wheels give it very tenacious look.

If we talk about the dashboard of the Perodua then it is not less than a luxury in itself, which comes with a black leather grated wheel with custom touch engraved all along over the top and sides. There comes an integrated video recorder, HDMI, smart link, Bluetooth, navigation and other custom smart features which are laced over the side of the dashboard. It can support both the android and Apple devices at the same time but using different technologies deal with the idea of connectivity.

Driving cruise experience

Aruz comes with a 1.5-liter engine with custom built technology and gives an estimated average of about 15.6 kilometer per liter. This is a pretty solid average with an engine supporting the 4200 rpm of torque. This is the build that comes with speed fractioned into support for the user, maneuverability and perfect handling that allows for handling the car under stress-based conditions.

All the design and technology being incorporated within this vehicle makes it easier and a strong build for parking and taking U turns quite easily. External noise padding is done to make sure that the noise from the outside doesn’t come inside and disturbs the user in any way possible. With cruise control the engine can be fed with extreme power that can make it run up hills and mountains and uneven surfaces even.

Safety and security

With the Aruz, which is a family oriented car the safety of the passengers and users come first. Taking into account the overall ratings the car has been acquiring by different agencies and institutions, Azur has incorporated a warranty of 5 years or 150000km and it is not mandatory which one comes first.

With 7 people on-board the safety of each and everyone is a top priority that is why the company has endorsed custom made seat belts with higher reattraction ratio so that passengers sitting within don’t feel any impact and if the impact is of fatal nature then its competency would be minimized to a safer limit. It is made sure that user don’t come in contact with any calamity, but that can’t always be promised that is why air bags are mounted for each and every passenger and would rip off when car reaches into the accident.

The verdict

The has originated this review about Perodua Aruz and according to all the tests taken and done by the professionals, the car received a pretty standard score. So, if you want to or are going for this car as your next choice then go for it with  your eyes closed but not on the road please!