Why PicCollage?

Picture collages are a great way to show off photos. They combine a group of photos into one image file. PicCollage is an iOS, Android and Windows 10 app that you can set up a picture collage with. This is also an app that has exclusive holiday content for collages.



In PicCollage users can set up a freestyle collage, a grid layout or one with a theme. If you select a grid layout, your photos will then be neatly arranged in one of the numerous grids you can choose from. By setting up a freestyle collage, you can lay out the photos in any way, rotate and resize them. Alternatively, you can select a variety of themed collage templates for Xmas, new year and other holidays.

Aside from adding photos to the collages, users can also add some other things. For example, the app includes options for adding text and videos to the collages. In addition, you can also add stickers to the collages. The only notable option lacking is one that adds captions to pictures. Without that you’ll have to make do with the text tool to add captions.


Furthermore, the app includes some image-editing options for photographs. In PicCollage you can adjust photo lighting, color, orientation, add blur and other effects to the images. When you have finished the collage, you can then attach it to email or print it directly from the app.

Ease of Use

The overall UI is pretty effective. You can tap on a photo or the collage background to open a small box of pertinent options and tools. There are undo and redo buttons at the top right of the app. Users can delete collage photos and stickers by swiping them to the bin icon at the top.

PicCollage also includes a user guide if you need it. Clicking the question mark icon opens a page that provides brief details on how you can edit collages and save collages and delete things. From there you can also open a more extensive user guide for the app.


PicCollage is a freely available app, but includes IAPs for extra stickers. In addition, you can also remove watermarks with a $1.99 IAP. IAPs are also required to unlock some of the app’s clip shape options. Note that there is a PicCollage Pro version available that has extra options.

Final Thoughts

With PicCollage you can quickly set up a variety of collages for your photos. It has especially extensive options for setting up holiday and party photo collages. Check out the app’s website for further details.