Pirate Adventures Android gamePrice: Free       Score: 8/10      Category: Casual

Have you ever wanted to take on the role of an adventurous pirate, but weren’t interested in developing scurvy? Then Pirate Adventures, from developer Nevosoft, is the perfect Android game for you. Nevosoft has established a well deserved reputation for creating entertaining casual and puzzle games, and Pirate Adventures is no exception to their string of good products.

Pirate Adventures puts you in the boots of the pirate Sharpshooter Jack, who has obtained a mysterious box, but it’s locked, and finding a way to open the box throws you into a series of escapades on the high seas. The story is played out through a series of storybook style screens with pop-up text. The characters are well designed and the backgrounds double as the scene of many of your puzzles.

Along with the great character design, Nevosoft has created some excellent background and puzzle designs. Some of the items may be hard to find when they blend into the background, but that’s simply part of the challenge of the puzzle. In fact, on many puzzles you can zoom in to get a better picture and to more easily find the hidden objects. Be careful zooming in and out too much though, as Pirate Adventures has a bad habit of counting your zoom as a tap, which takes away some of your time in the puzzle.

The game boasts 65 levels, all of which are separated by the story panes. If you’re not interested in following the story you can tap repeatedly on the screen to move things forward faster. Having knowledge of the story can help with some puzzles, but it’s never required. A few levels into Pirate Adventures you will be asked to help promote the developer on social media in order to move forward for free. It’s a minor hindrance, but if you choose to purchase the full game instead of collecting coins or using social media to move forward you have that option as well for $2.99.

Overall, Pirate Adventures is a great puzzler for Android and fun for all ages. People from 7 to 70 should enjoy the challenging games and the exciting storyline. We expect to keep seeing great Android games like Pirate Adventures from Nevosoft in the future.

Pirate Adventures is available now for Android version 2.2 and up. The game is rated Everyone. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this Android game review.