Bloom Studios has released ‘Planetary’, an iPad application looking to help you rediscover your music collection through an intuitive — and entirely visual — interface.

Instead of listing your music collection like most music players, ‘Planetary’ displays a galaxy built around information gathered from your music library. Stars represent artists, planets represent their albums, and moons represent  individual songs.

To switch from one artist to another, simply scroll to a different star. Once you pick your artist, select a planet and all the songs within the individual album will show up as moons. Moons have different sizes — the more you listen to specific tunes, the more they grow. While large moons represent your favorite tracks, small ones correspond to songs you seldom listen to — a phenomenal way to rediscover music you’ve forgot about.

Even though ‘Planetary’ isn’t much more than a music player, the app truly shines (pun intended) thanks to an incredible, brilliant user interface.

Planetary, free for a limited time, was released on the App Store yesterday.

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