Playing Games on a Computer vs a Smartphone

There’s been a huge debate on the computer vs smartphone gaming for a long time, but it can be said that each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider both and depending on your preference or circumstance.

Why Play on a Computer?

The single greatest advantage of playing on a PC is the sheer number of games you can play. There’s a lot of games that aren’t available for smartphones that are must-tries. The Steam platform alone is enough to convince a gaming enthusiast to spend more time on a computer than a smartphone.

Another thing is screen size- you can play on big displays such as 27 inch monitors or even a TV with the right hardware. Most computers will have ethernet ports, or support wired connection so you get faster internet speeds and less disconnects.

Unless you’re playing on a laptop (and therefore compromise on hardware), you won’t be moving so much. Playing on a computer can be an expensive endeavor, as you’ll have to invest in additional hardware.

Why Play on a Smartphone?

Smartphone gaming has exploded in popularity. It’s very accessible, almost every person has one and the selections are practically endless.

The sheer convenience of playing your favorite casino game on SAGAME6699 is second to none when you’re on a mobile device. You can play on the couch, the bedroom and even outside with a mobile network. Cost of entry is also low so that everyone can join in on the fun.

With that portability comes a compromise on screen size. Also, touch controls on a screen are very inaccurate compared to playing on hardware, such as a keyboard and mouse or a physical gamepad like the DualShock or the Xbox controller. The good news is that most smartphones allow for a gamepad connection to counter this.