Twelve years, more than eight decades in dog time, is an eternity. That is roughly how long Sony has been making the PlayStation 2. With more 150 million units sold and over 11,000 game titles, Sony’s second-generation game console is the best-selling in history.

BBC writes that PlayStation 2 is dead. Sony has stopped manufacturing the device — sales will end when current stocks are depleted.

The move stokes speculation that Sony will release its next-generation game console, the PlayStation 4, in mid-2013.

However, new game titles for the best-selling game console will continue to arrive. For example, Final Fantasy: Seekers of Adoulin is scheduled to ship in March.

That said, in the age of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad — more than 400 million of which had sold through September 2012 — it seems unlikely that neither new titles nor hardware will revive the console market.

The PlayStation 2 IS dead. But, long live the PlayStation? Perhaps not…

What’s your take?