Playstation 4 predecessor super slim Playstation 3

With the announcement of the Wii U bundles last week, it’s clear that the first shot of the next generation console wars has been fired. And yet while Nintendo looks like they’re ready to move on from their Wii glory days and embrace the future with the Wii U, both Sony and Microsoft are keeping mum about the Playstation 4 and the Xbox 720 and are content with pushing nearly decade old systems for the remainder of the year and for most of 2013.

Case in point, we’ve heard nothing official about the Playstation 4 but guess what? We’ve got another ‘new’ version of the Playstation 3 coming out later this month.

Playstation 4 predecessor super slim Playstation 3

First leaked sometime back in July by Tecnoblog, the Playstation 3 super slim model is expected to be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show event. It is expected to come with three variants — 250 GB, 500 GB and a ‘lite’ 16 GB version. But it looks like an eager electronics store in Poland has jumped the gun and unveiled an ad that all but confirms the super slim Playstation 3.

Polish site Polygamia claims that there will be a 12 GB SSD version of the Playstation 3 that will retail for 199 Euros (about $250). A 500 GB version will also be available and will sell for 299 Euros (about $400). The specs mentioned in the ad, as you can see, closely mirror the rumored specs back in July.

Playstation 4 predecessor super slim Playstation 3 leak

Now, it has been said that the last years of a console are supposed to be its most profitable. Which is why it’s understandable in a way why Microsoft and Sony are aggressively marketing the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. But one wonders what Sony stands to gain by releasing another version of the Playstation 3 when it doesn’t have any significant upgrades to its already slim predecessor and with a next-gen successor, the Playstation 4, coming out within a year or two.

Would you be upgrading your current Playstation 3 to an even slimmer version? What do you think of about Sony releasing another version of the Playstation 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


[via Sixth Axis]

  1. Remember when PS2 came out and they came out with the PSone… This is probably the strategy if Sony again. Not everyone will be able to run out and grab a PS4 when it’s first released, but they will have these PS3’s to carry into the next generation and Sony will make money from these systems before having to price drop them when the PS4 comes out

  2. which leads one to believe Sony has no intentions of releasing their next gen console next year.

    So I would guess the PS4 is more of a fall 2014 product.

    What I don’t understand, who is going to see this as an enticement to buy a PS3 over the Wii U? They should have gone way cheaper if that was the goal.

  3. Well ya’see, Timmy, the Wii U looks like a terrible console and it doesn’t have all the Playstation exclusives(which outnumber and outclass Nintendo’s output). Why would you get a Wii U when you could get a PS3?

    The real question is, why would you get a PS3 over the PS4 that’s bound to release next year or early the year after? I really want my HD Playstation fix, my Vita’s great but I’ve waited for the PS4 for proper 1080p gaming(outside of my PC, of course; for the record most Wii U games will still be 720p, like Pikmin 3) for years now. I’d definitely get a PS3 now if the PS4 wasn’t backwards-compatible, but I’m certain they’ll throw a 22nm Cell processor into the PS4 just for that purpose. It wouldn’t really make much sense if they didn’t, considering they spent tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D to create the Super Slim and there’s no way they’d just make that money back on SS sales alone.

    …so yeah, I’m still waiting for the PS4. My Vita has way more titles than I can play through right now and that’ll only deepen a ton in the next two months and into 2013. I’m good for now, but I’m still feeling impatient over the wait.

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