pop rocks world hd ipad game

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Pop Rocks World HD is an iPad game developed by Swag Soft. No, it’s not a game about Pop Rocks candy…it’s a fun game where you rock the world as a pop music sensation.

In Pop Rocks World HD, your goal is to become the next musical sensation. After customizing your avatar and assigning points to your charisma, defense, and other attributes, you’re ready to begin. You’ll play gigs in parks and clubs, battle it out against other singers in a big stadium, produce albums, and make sure you dress the part of a master musician.


If you’ve played games like Stardom: The A-List or Stardom: Hollywood, then you’ll be familiar with this fame-centric, RPG-lite game format. Each action requires a certain number of energy units, which replenish slowly. You can buy more energy to speed up the gameplay if you wish. The main goal is to get famous!

Unlike the Stardom games, there’s more to this game than clothes and fancy apartments. Pop Rocks World HD lets players buy custom instruments, and pick from a wide array of characters to help produce, engineer, and promote their albums. There are also “celebrity cameos” in the games: parody versions of Justin Bieber, Snoop Lion, Lady Gaga and more.


There are a couple of things I didn’t enjoy about this iPad game. An internet connection is required at all times to play Pop Rocks World HD on your iPad, which is kind of a bummer. Secondly, I felt like the “battles” were kind of boring: they basically just amount to tapping a square with a the highest number on it. Thirdly, too much of the gameplay seems randomized, alienating players who desire the feeling that their skill is what most impacts their gameplay experience.

If you’re an American Idol junkie or just a big music fan, Pop Rocks World HD is a fun time waster that may just become your new iPad obsession.

SCORE: 9/10

Pop Rocks World HD is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.