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As much as some of us would like to believe that we’ve evolved into a paperless society, sometimes it’s just easier to have some things on paper. For those times there’s PrintBureau, an all-in-one printing app that brings the iPad up a notch.

When you first download the EuroSmartz‘ app you’ll find yourself in the middle of folder type layout with copper colored accents. In the middle of those folders is an actual document, and that file is the key to becoming familiar with your app. The guide will show you your way around the overall interface, lead you through a few steps that allow you to download the desktop software you need to print (unless your printer works via WiFi), and much more.

At first the thought of having to read this and actually set your printer up can feel a little overwhelming, but I think this is just the result of the feature packed app. There are a lot of variables between every printer (buying ink is hard enough) so this isn’t something you can fix in one touch. Still, PrintBureau has created a nice system that lets you figure it all out with just a little investment.

For starters, the actual support website is incredible. The site includes screenshots, well organized how to’s complete with visuals, a summary of the buttons on the screen, and just about anything else you could imagine. I figured out how to sync the app to my printer fairly quickly so I didn’t need to ask customer service for anything, but the EuroSmartz is currently touting an average one hour response time on inquiries. I’ve never heard of that kind of support on an app.

So while it might take a quick investment in the beginning, this app is certainly worth the initial effort. Once you’re set up you can print from email, Google Docs, DropBox, documents and a whole list of other file transfer methods. If you have contacts, calendars, items on your clipboard, or even pictures in your photo library, they’re all printable as well. It’s also possible to mount a disk on your computer and sync that, or sync documents via iTunes.

All these features, combined with the actual integration based on whatever specific printer you have, make the app feel a bit daunting at first. If you actually sit down and take a few minutes though, PrintBureau becomes extremely worthwhile.

Once everything is set up you can edit the items in your main folder page (e.g. email, export, move, rename, open with app, zip files, set password, etc). This app features a ton of flexibility that allows you to use a whole gaggle of features, but nothing feels as seamless as some of the other experiences we’re starting to see on the iPad.

Moving a document to another folder for example, seems like something that should be possible with a simple drag and drop. Instead you have to check the file and then dictate where you want it manually. That said, you can shake to see the document full screen and then shake again to go back to the menu page. And even when the functions don’t feel as simple as that, this app does just about everything. Unless you’ve got a lot to print and feel like you’re going to need to organize a ton of files, the layout should work fine.

Even then, once you’re set up, as long as you’re connected to WiFi or 3G you can print with the touch of the magic print button in the upper right hand corner. This is when the app really feels amazing. It’s seamless, easy, great at printing exactly what you need on demand, and the perfect addition to any iPad.

Bottom Line: PrintBureau is an amazing all-in-one printing app that’s worth taking the time to learn. If you ever wanted to print from your iPad, this is your life saver.


  1. […] Print Bureau Wireless Printing from iPad I just downloaded this app a few minutes ago for the iPad. It's excellent! It prints wirelessly from the iPad to my USB HP printer through my Airport Express. Says it will print to any wireless printer from iPad. It has a decent browser to print from the web. It accesses your e-mail which you can not only print from but send/receive/compose/file from like any e-mail app. It accesses your contacts for printing. It will share files on your iPad with other computers for printing. It saves previously printed files so you don't have to keep copy/pasting the same file. It accesses your saved pics for printing. Whatever it doesn't access you can copy/paste into it to print (I copy/pasted a test from Notes) It took all of 1 minute from download to successfully find my Airport Express and print a test page. Have a look, this might just be the best $12.99 I've spent on any app. PrintBureau Kicks the iPad Up a Notch with Easy Printing | Tapscape […]

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