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An auto cue or teleprompter is not something many of us would use in our everyday lives, but for some it is an essential tool. Whether you’re an actor struggling with your lines or an orator addressing the masses, being able to read from a scrolling script makes things far more streamlined than fumbling through your printed notes. Professionalism is key, and a professional needs the right equipment – in this case, something like PromptSmart.

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It’s a simple app with a singular purpose. Feed it a document, and then have PromptSmart guide you through it. There’s an ace in the hole though: the VoiceTrack scrolling system. Forget the sophisticated design, wealth of import options and user-friendly interface for the moment, because VoiceTrack is what sets PromptSmart apart from the competition. Pre-set scroll speeds will get the job done, but an auto prompter which scrolls along with your speaking rhythm makes your speech seem infinitely more human and unforced. When set to VoiceTrack, the app follows your voice and reacts to your pacing, pausing when you pause, speeding up when your natural cadence increases. That one feature is enough to make PromptSmart an instant purchase for those looking for an iDevice-based teleprompter.

The overall package has a clean, businesslike feel – crisp and uncluttered, but never dreary. There’s very little in the way of flash, with a muted colour palette and classic font library keeping things tidy throughout PromptSmart’s interface. The various menus and sub-menus are easy to navigate and understand, rarely leaving you at a loss. Within moments you’ll have a grasp of the core functionality, including importing scripts via various cloud services; setting up your text scroll preferences; and fine tuning the fonts, colors and other interface variables to suit your tastes.

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With all of that considered, it’s hard to come up with any significant reason not to make PromptSmart your teleprompter of choice on your iDevice… until you take a look at that price tag. $9.99 is a lot of money in the App Store shopping space where most things cost a dollar. It’s the kind of price that will probably scare off anyone who doesn’t genuinely need something like this – lets be frank, PromptSmart isn’t a “nice-to-have” kind of app, it’s a productivity tool. With that in mind, and with its impressive functionality for professionals, it could well be a solid investment that is worth your attention.

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.