Property Finance Partners is one of the forward thinking companies that rely more and more on the latest happenings in the tech industry. The finance company serves to the needs of all the (property) developers from European countries. It has adopted the latest bitcoin method of payment and it definitely plays well with who believe in the future of cryptocurrency.

The finance company has over 100 years experience in financing the development properties, businesses and various other sectors. Its headquartered in London while serving all the countries in Europe. It maintains close and healthy relations with the top institutions like the Pension Fund, the Equity Fund, the Real Estate Fund, the insurance companies, and the banks.

Property Finance Partners deep and trusted relations with investment banks, special pan-European funds, American and Middle-Eastern funds, private money funds, and Mezzanine lenders allows it to draft deals ranging from 500,000 Pound Sterling to 500 million+ Pounds Sterling.

The financed amount will help your property development in all stages from pre-planning to completion. The company has been one of the most trusted property development finance companies for over 18 years now and is known for maintaining long-term relationships with the builders. Its deep networks with top institutions also help it gain quick access to different types of capital funding equity.

The company is known for tailoring the finance plan according to the requirement unlike other generic institutions which offer static plans. Property Finance Partners is also known for continuously negotiating with the lenders to offer the best package for the customer and it also continuously updates the customers on the progress as it happens.

Even though, Property Finance Partners is only pan European, its status allows it to obtain loans even from North America and Middle East lenders. Also, its adoption of bitcoin helps customers pay with ease.