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Protect, Convert, And Optimize Your PDF With GoGoPDF



Protect, Convert, And Optimize Your PDF With GoGoPDF

PDFs or Portable Document Format files are commonplace in today’s technological ecosystem. Almost everyone you know probably has encountered or used this format but don’t know what to do if they encounter a problem with it or need to change it in some way. Let me tell you that there’s an easy way to solve your problems, and it’s through GoGoPDF.

Added Protection to Your Files

Who knew that you could protect pdf files by using an online pdf multitool for absolutely no payment? We do, of course, and that is all thanks to GoGoPDF. With the site’s ability to put an encrypted password on your pdf, your file will only be viewable to you and people you trust enough to give the password to.

Gone are the days that your file is transported through the internet or shared with a peer without any protection or security against unwanted viewing from corporate rivals or scheming classmates.

GoGoPDF also has the Unlock PDF feature, which lets you remove the encrypted password from your file if you don’t need it or need to file it. This is a recommended step if you’re done with the encrypted password to avoid locking yourself out in the future when you might try to access it again and forget the password for it.

PDF File Conversions On The Go

Do you want to make your pdf document into a word file so you could edit it easily? Or what about changing your images or jpg files to pdf for easier cataloging? If you’re in need of software that can do that for you without issues, then you’re in luck. GoGoPDF has one of the best conversion features you’ll see on the interwebs.

The site’s conversion software allows you to transform your file’s format into pdf in a blink of an eye. Although it’s capable of converting a limited number of formats to pdf, the developers made sure that the most common ones are included, like jpg, html, and the Office file formats.

Having the feature to convert your file to pdf is already impressive as it is, but GoGoPDF takes the conversion game a bit further. They also have the software to change your pdf file into other file formats. All the formats from above are available conversion options, except for HTML, and they also added PNG and PDF/A to the list.

Organize and Optimize Your PDFs

People have always wanted to arrange and make their pdf files more efficient to save space and have order in their folders but don’t really do it because they probably don’t know how and where to start. This brings us to GoGoPDF since it has features that might help you achieve what you want.

Save Space in Your Folders

Having data storage is a privilege, especially if your device has an expansive one. Most people don’t upgrade their disk space because it’s already enough for their files, and some don’t even think of expanding because it’s costly even though the space in their device isn’t big at all. This means that finding ways to save storage space is always a good idea.

By using GoGoPDF’s Compress PDF feature, you can do just that. What it does is it shrinks your pdf’s data size without changing or compromising the file’s quality. That way, you get to keep your document as it is and have a smaller file size at the same time.

Divide and Combine PDFs

If you’re the type to arrange and organize your pdfs depending on their topics, or you just want to compile all of them into one gigantic pdf file, then these next two features are for you. They are called Split and Merge PDF.

Split PDF lets you split or divide a pdf into two or more files. You can use this when a report is too long, and you want to read it by chapter or if you want to separate subject lessons from exercises in a book pdf.

The other feature is Merge PDF, and it allows you to combine different pdfs into a single one. With this, you can make a compilation of your different reports for that quarter or all your pdfs on a subject matter.


GoGoPDF lets you do a lot of things concerning pdf manipulation and everything else in between. Without it, you wouldn’t even think about touching or messing with your pdf file. Aside from being effortlessly accessible since it’s online, you also don’t have to worry about payments since it’s free. Now, protect, convert, and optimize your pdf files with GoGoPDF.