Electronic Snake Repellents

We, at-least most of the humans now live in cities and not in places where animals pay their respects often but with forests being cut down at large scale, its likely that animals will have less space for themselves or to say that when a specific patch of trees are cut, the animals living there could move, maybe to a city.

Snakes are the most common, that visit cities, especially during rains but with what’s happening to forests, the number of cases could increase exponentially. So, the need of the hour is sophisticated technology which can keep us (humans) safe; caging ourselves is not the solution.

Tech is already out in the world that helps keep snakes away and that is “electronic snake repellent” rigs. We already know that, snakes have poor eyesight and that they can’t hear sonic waves; so, they rely on vibrations made by their jowls (on the ground). The electronic snake repellents take advantage of this by generating random vibrations which make the snake think that there’s danger ahead.

The rigs are very easy to use, just pop-in few D-size batteries and they are ready to work. To make them actually work, the rig has to be buried in the ground, however, only a portion of it. 1/5th of the rig should be stuck out in the open and the rest should be underground. Vibrarandom, Sureguard, EasyBuy are few of the top electronic repellent makers.

People living in Central Florida don’t have to worry about snakes as “rangers” have them covered. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offers snake removal and snake control services in West Palm Beach Florida. If you have snakes in your yard or home don’t hesitate to call a professional wildlife trapper in your area. You can visit the site for an estimate of the procurement costs.