Wii U GamePad Similar to PS Vita

When you see the Wii U’s gamepad, you can easily understand why people out there would compare it with the Sony’s premiere handheld gaming device, the PS Vita.

Wii U GamePad Similar to PS Vita

The comparisons are actually something that Sony welcomes but they’re quick to point out that they think the PS Vita and PS 3 Combo delivers a much better gaming experience, just ask Sony Computer Entertainment America’s VP for Marketing, John Koller.

Speaking with Endgadget, Koller says that he believes Sony’s PS Vita and PS 3 can already provide what the Wii U is promising:

“We tell our PlayStation fans all the time that what the Wii U is offering is something that Vita and PS3 can do quite easily.”

Koller also adds that it’s not always just about the functionality of the device but whether it makes sense for the kind of content that their gaming devices are offering:

“It’s dependent on the content. So we need to make sure the content isn’t force fed. And, to us, making sure that the gamer receives the right type of experience is what’s most important. So we’re gonna pick our spots, but that technology does certainly exist here.”

Koller reveals that they’ve gotten questions from people whether they have plans to release a bundle featuring the PS Vita and their recently launched Playstation 3 super slim redesign but admits that it’s not something that they’ve already planned:

“As we look at the lineup, there are gonna be some opportunities to do that. Whether we want to bundle the hardware together remains to be seen.”

Personally, I would welcome as PS Vita + PS3 Bundle. And I think it’s something that Sony should consider getting out to the market soon. It’s definitely a combination that could compete with the cross-platform functionality that the Wii U is offering. The main advantage that Sony has is that you can take your PS Vita with you when it’s time to leave the house and keep the fun going.


PS Vita PS 3 Cross Functionality Vs Wii U

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  1. Heh, another Wii U tablet would cost you around $150-$200 going by the Japanese prices, it’d be much better to pay a little extra for a new Vita and just game on that on the go. You can only use two tablets at a time, you can use at least four Vitas. There isn’t any hit on the hardware of the PS3 when you use the Vita separately, but the Wii U’s GPU is taken to task outputting a 480p display AND your TV’s video content(most likely 720p on the Wii U, like with Pikmin 3).

    There are a bunch of reasons a PS3/Vita combo would be great, especially since cross-controller functionality won’t be forced into 99% of games on the PS3 that wouldn’t make any good use of it. I guarantee 99% of Wii U games will either use the tablet controller for a map or inventory screen(pretty much useless) or that the tablet will hinder or damage the gameplay. Look at the Wii controller and the second screen of the DS, that’s how it worked out on those platforms. This is all making me hope the PS4 is pretty much exactly what the Wii U is, except half the budget of the PS4 wouldn’t be used on a mostly-useless tablet controller so it’d be profitable AND x4+ the power of the Wii U.

    Gosh, I hate that I spent most of my life a Nintendo gamer. Very glad the 3DS sucked so badly it broke their spell on me, now I just hope Nintendo goes software-only or they make a console that isn’t complete garbage so I can go back to playing their stuff without having to reward terrible console-making.

  2. Consoles are a waste of money. Now if only they made games not exclusive to shitty consoles then I would be happy boy… Just imagine Sly, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Jak & Dexter, Ratchet & Clank series on PC… And a lot of old N64 games. What a dream that would be.

  3. Why would we want to pay for a console and a handheld that is bulky and shitty, when you could get a Wii u for half of the cost? This looks bad on you Sony, especially since you lack the games that people want. Saying this won’t stop the Wii u from selling out everywhere.

  4. The 3ds sucked? Then why did it crush the vita in sales? Your comment is full of several ignorant points. You seem to be forgetting that people don’t want to pay out of there asses for two consoles that can do what one can do alone.

  5. I’m ready to drop Sony, why don’t they just shut up and innovate instead of copying Nintendo? Show us something they can offer that no one else can instead of saying “oh, we can do that too”. Just pathetic, they better do something unique with PS4 or I won’t support them anymore.

  6. Who would buy 4 vitas to play on a console or get your mates with there vitas and use it as a control on the ps3, because so far ps vita has been a pile of sh*t. Also Wii U has potentially 2x the graphical power than the xbox and ps3 and its alot faster than the ps3 n xbox.

  7. vita and ps3 released cross play before wii u came out and vita was just announced this year so more games are on the way for it. for example tearaway, ac3 liberation, killzone mercernary and lbp vita was just released which all are good games based on the trailers shown at gamescom.

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