Public Relations in the World of Skincare 01

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Why PR for Skincare?

PR is an essential part of any business, since it maintains a brand’s image and ensures consistent cash flow through positive reviews and feedback. This goes for skincare and beauty brands as well. With everything digital these days, online reviews and marketing has become a major part of many businesses and plays a huge role in whether the brand will succeed in the future and grow or not.

How Firms Promote Their Products Through PR

Popularly, promotion of goods and products are done through social media and influencers and even A list celebrities. This is done through a collaboration between the company and the influencer as they get paid to promote and are delivered their products free of cost. Promotion occurs via posts and stories on social apps such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook etc.

Beauty brands have to create their brand’s voice and story too. This means noting down their goals and objectives, the image they want to portray and creating a defined mission statement. Answering questions such as what makes their product stand out against all the oher products available in the market with the same functions and comparing price, cost etc.

Staying up to date with the latest trends in the market and analyzing what people like at the moment and what’s popular is crucial. The newer and fresher a skincare brand’s product is, the more likely they are to have media coverage and in turn, increase the interests of people creating potential buyers.

Creating buzz and hype is another way skincare brands can increase publicity. Marketing campaigns that are extravagant, product launches and announcements which are innovative and adhering to pop culture is ideal for content creation.

Skincare PR Agencies

  1. Janice McCafferty Communications Inc. – A USA based skincare pr agency, they specialize in all things related to beauty like skincare, haircare,makeup, beauty tools, bodycare, supplements and nails. They have over 25 years of experience and develop award winning campaigns and influencer gifting for beauty brands.
  1. AMP Agency- This beauty and skincare pr agency specializes in product campaigns, web and mobile development, SEO, mobile and retail shopping experience, social media strategy, customer loyalty programs and more.They’ve also worked with notable brands such as Maybelline, Garnier, La Prairie, Essie etc.
  1. Brand Nation- This UK based beauty and skincare pr agency offers services such as implementing brand campaigns, creating complex but comprehensive media experiences and guaranteeing high volume targeted results to increase brand status and enabling it to stand out among a competitive marketplace.
  1. Pull Agency- Having worked with top brands such as Schwarzkopf, Henkel, Gatineau< True Skincare and more, this skincare pr agency helps brands with brand strategy and visual identity, social and influencer marketing and mobile apps and websites.
  1. Blue Wheel-  A leading beauty and skincare pr agency which is skilled in advertising cosmetics and skincare products to a new generation of online shoppers. They deal in social media marketing, digital marketing for skincare brands to increase sales, awareness and engagement to the site and in turn the business.
  1. BlendPR- This Canadian beauty and skincare pr agency is a full service organization who create tailored and innovative strategies which bring brands to life through inventive media and influencer campaigns.