Do you like that little pull to refresh feature that is available in the stock Mail app on your iOS device? Well then you will like this very simple yet elegant tweak.

PullAll is a very new,  unique tweak available in Cydia that allows the user to add the very same pull to refresh feature that you see displayed in the Mail app, to every WebView page possible. Thanks to this little tweak, the user can now ‘pull to refresh’ in app like: Safari, Google Chrome, Twitter, Facebook, Reeder and many more…

The function is pretty simple; it kind of says its purpose within its name: ‘pull to refresh’. Despite that the function is relatively straight forward, the animation of the tweak is very professional. The animation is pulled directly from the Mail App, making it virtually identical. This gives it a very slick, and professional approach as it blends in with the rest of the iOS functions.




As you can see from above, it displays clearly the ‘pull to refresh’ feature. And a simple pull from the top of your browser instantly refreshes the entire web page. This web page was just simply in Safari, and as you can see it works a treat.


Not only that, this tweak has gone a step further with the ‘pull to refresh feature’. The tweak offers some settings that allow certain customization’s . For example the initial ‘pull to refresh’ icon can be customized by changing the different colors  Within the preference panel, features like the Red, Green and Blue sliders give the user limitless amount of colors to play with. As well as that, there is an option so the user can have the choice on whether to retain or remove the ‘Pull To Refresh Text’ to make the display even more slick. The final customization that can be altered with is the control on what apps the tweak is enabled in.

For me, it doesn’t just make my browsing quicker, it also solves certain problems I encounter when using the WebVeiw. For example, have you ever gone to refresh the page, and it has accidentally clicked onto the URL bar? And then you try and click off it but in the process you accidentally  delete the URL completely and it all becomes a time consuming mess.

Overall, this is a very handy tweak to put on the list, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it works for all apps, it only works with the ones that use WebView. The tweak can be found and downloaded for $1.00 in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.