Twitter has updated its iOS app for the third time in just several weeks. The biggest change?  Version 3.3.3 sports a change that many users have been looking for… the removal of the infamous QuickBar. First introduced in an early March update, the feature faced intense backlash from users of the app, who saw it as a clever way to intrusively feature ‘promoted trends’ and help Twitter up their paycheck.

In a prior update, Twitter backpedaled a bit.  The QuickBar no longer covered tweets once you scrolled down, but even that tweak didn’t go down well with frequent Twitterers. In its blog post on the matter, the devs behind the Twitter app explained that the QuickBar’s use was an innocent tool that let users in on what was happening, beyond the singular accounts they follow — the feature was supposedly going to be a means of delivering notifications for Twitter mentions and direct messages.

Despite any sweet talk from the Twitter devs, one thing is clear — the QuickBar never should have been implemented.  While it may have brought something to the table, a setting specific to the feature only would have been welcomed by the multitude of vocal Twitter fanatics.