Your desktop or notebook just died, again, and you”ve had enough already? Looking for the most reliable PC? Tapscape has the answers you need to find the most reliable PC and, just as importantly, who has the best service, which is ultimately what it”s all about.

The folks at SquareTrade, an after market warranty/service provider, publish an annual survey listing the most reliable PC brands and there is at least one surprise — Apple isn”t number one.


That said, there isn”t a huge amount of difference between the online casino top five most reliable PC brands” three-year failure rates. Just as obvious, however, is the fact that bottom four should be avoided — seriously, HP, more one-in-four of your Windows PCs end up dead?

Most Reliable PC Service Provider?

Of course, failure is one thing and what happens after failure is quite another. So, while Apple”s Macintosh isn”t the most reliable, at least according to SquareTrade, Tim Cook”s crew comes out on top vis-a-vis customer satisfaction (above) or so says Consumer Reports.

In fact, no one comes remotely close to Apple — there”s a 23 percent gulf between Apple and its next closest competitor, Lenovo.

Does that mean you should buy a Mac? No, not necessarily.

Service is all about convenience and that means right now. So, for example, whereas Asus in the US has only a handful of walk-in service centers, the company”s service network in Asia and Taiwan, in particular, is quite extensive.

The bottom line being you need to know your technical support options before a problem occurs.

Have a story of exceptional support, or failure? Sound in the comments below…

Via LifeHacker