Yes, most people appreciated Songs of Innocence and have said as much. There is another class of person, a rather vocal lot, that has something else to say

Watching people react to Apple + U2’s gift of “Songs of Innocence” has been disconcerting a combination 21st Century “WOW” and guttural embarrassment. Yes, most people appreciated the gift and have said as much. There is another smaller class of person, a rather vocal lot, that has something else to say.

Yeah, they hate Apple + U2 for the gift of Songs of Innocence and they never tire of telling the rest of us about the tyranical violation of their digital personhood. Apple + U2 gave them an album that appeared on their devices unbidden and that’s offensive to a certain kind of person.

I’m not a fan of your band, guys, but now I have one of your albums anyway. It’s like Guy Fieri showing up at a restaurant and quietly setting a chili dog onto everyone’s plate, because who doesn’t love free chili dogs? I know it sounds incredible, but there are many, many people who’d be super pissed to have a pungent, sloppy, gooey, tube-shaped conference of scrap meat suddenly appear next to their kale sandwich. My ears are like those people, guys, and I take offense at not being able to opt out — New York Observer.

A chili dog compared to a Kale (aka the new arugula) sandwich? A person with Kale ears is upset, offended even, and the anticipated reaction is supposed to be what?

While Kale is good for you, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without chili dogs. The world, however, would undoubtedly be better of without the Kale eared.

Or, how about that certain special class of people who will be damaged for life — sadly not terminably — by being given Songs of Innocence.

Sadly you cannot totally purge the songs from your iTunes account. You can only hide the songs from the local iTunes account, but they will continue to live for all of eternity on your iCloud.


Remove Songs of Innocence: Let’s Cleanse

Can we cleanse? Yes, we can and thankfully not a single leaf of Kale will have to sacrifice its life (let alone be consumed).

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, onward and upward. According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is offering a one-click, online tool to remove Songs of Innocence in its entirety.


Click here to purge

Kudos to Apple for removing any and all mentions of Songs of Innocence from their iTunes libraries and purchase histories…

What’s your take?

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Via: TechCrunch