Stick Wars 2Price: $0.99     Score: 7/10    Category: Games

Stick Wars 2 by Pinger brings back the simple-yet-addictive qualities of the original, yet adds enough new features to bring fans back for a second round. Fans of tower defense games may at first scoff at the simplistic gameplay in Stick Wars 2. However, although your troops act independently, the further one delves into the game, the more you’ll feel like a god of war.

Stick Wars 2

You see, Stick Wars 2 doesn’t necessarily give you direct control over your troops. Instead, your archers, repairmen, and wizards will work automatically while you use your finger to fling enemies into the air or launch them like human missiles at their own armaments.

The game begins with your fortress standing on the left hand side of the screen while weak enemy minions attack from the left. As mentioned, you’ll fling enemies in the air with your finger, sending them plummeting back to earth and to their deaths. As levels progress, stronger and better-equipped troops will attack your fortress. Passing each level will earn you money, which you can then use to purchase things like the aforementioned soldier types, and fortress upgrades, including barracks for your troops and a dungeon to store captured enemy soldiers. These prisoners can then be used as currency to purchase bombs that you can unleash upon the enemy.

Additionally, as your castle walls come under attack, they’ll eventually take damage. You can use your funds to repair and fortify your walls, making them less vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Stick Wars 2Stick Wars 2

Stick Wars 2 controls easily enough, with taps and swipes covering all the action. Though at times it can all get a little bit frenetic with more and more enemies charging at you at increasing speeds. Fortunately, the frenzied action is balanced by clean design. The menus are straight-forward and easy-to-use with hints and tips popping up every so often in case you get confused. However, a little more variety would have been nice in the play field. Perhaps a few additional battlefield settings or weather conditions would have helped mix up the visuals a bit.

Bottom Line: For under a dollar, Stick Wars 2 is a wonderful diversion. Though not as deep as some of the other, more advanced tower defense games out there, its simple gameplay and addiction “just one more round” nature makes it an easy recommendation.

Stick Wars 2 is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later