Rev Ersi Quest

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The Rev Ersi Quest Android App is a strategist’s dream. Yokogosystems have constructed an easy-going turn based strategy board game which exercises the mind in a uniquely fulfilling way.

At the beginning of your campaign, you’re given the opportunity to select a gender and name for your character. You’re walked through the background story leading up to your recruitment as a solider – and thus the story begins.

As you set out on your quest to overcome all foes, you are placed at the start of a large board, with many spaces ready to be moved in to. Rolling the die allows you to move forward a set number of spaces, with each space presenting a slightly different type of enemy. The aim is to advance your skill levels and unlock the best soldiers, on the way to conquering all your enemies across various lands.

Rev Ersi Quest

Once you engage yourself in battle, you can begin to enjoy the strategic elements of Rev Ersi Quest. You must use your soldiers to surround and conquer your enemy within the set area, eliminating his soldiers along the way. As you complete each board, a new area becomes open and ready for battle.

Different types of soldiers offer various services. Some attack, some heal health, and so forth. You unlock more complex soldiers as you advance levels, which always manages to feel satisfying.

As you progress through the game – beating new, more intelligent opponents, you’ll soon unlock a host of interesting solider types allowing you to overcome your next foe. Rev Ersi Quest doesn’t offer multiple game modes or a multi-player option, which is unfortunate to say the least. On the other hand, there is plenty of single player content to keep you occupied.

Rev Ersi Quest

In terms of graphics, Rev Ersi Quest doesn’t offer much eye candy. The menu interface is nicely designed, whilst the battle grounds are simple and bland. It would have been nice to see some better visuals upon eliminating an enemy soldier, but unfortunately the game offers little in this area.

The game is easy to get into, and has some deeper complexities which are good fun to get used to and understand, allowing you to expand your strategic mind in battle.

Overall, Rev Ersi Quest offers much in the way of strategy and slow paced puzzle-like battles, but fails to impress in terms of visuals and differing game modes.

Rev Ersi Quest is available for free on Google Play, working on any device running Android 2.1 or greater.