Review AcroSplat – A colourful, fun and addictive game for iOS devices

AcroSplat is a colourful, fun and somewhat educative, plat-former game that has implementations of physics never seen before. The main goal of each level in AcroSplat is to launch the paint blobs into a bucket by having the last paint blob match the colour pattern that is created onto the face of the bucket. This has to be done by solving the puzzle of each level and at the same time avoid traps that can trick you and get in the way of completing the task. However, as simple as that may sound, playing the game itself can actually get quite difficult due to the fact that the game, as you progress, will require you to solve the puzzles faster and be more creative with the mixing of paint. At first, it may be hard to pass certain levels and may get frustrating to pass, but over time, the game becomes a little bit easier as your brain slowly adapts to the physics and puzzles and it becomes clearer with what needs to be done.

With over 100 levels to play and progress in, the game can get very addictive, really fast. However, with games that require such problem solving, it’s hardly a bad thing for users to be playing it constantly. Games such as the AcroSplat can help players develop their problem-solving capabilities by training their brains to figure out solutions more effectively. Therefore, as addictive it may be, the game as a whole has more of a positive impact.

In addition to the 100-120 odd levels to play with, players can also unlock development tools to create they’re own custom-made levels. The player can also then share and publish their creations with other users playing the game, developing a sort of community that challenges each other to see who can be the most creative with the limited tools provided to them.

Overall, AcroSplat’s physics and dynamics are spot on and deserves credit for implementing such a unique form of gameplay by fusing a puzzler with a platformer. Furthermore, the game runs smoothly and can educate younger players about the outcome of mixing different colours. The game definitely deserves to be checked out.

The game, AcroSplat has recently released onto the App Store with downloads being available for iPhone and iPad users only. The game sells at a price of $2.99 and can be bought through iTunes.