ReviewGist is a clever application that aggregates hundreds of professional product reviews and ratings of popular gadgets, including laptops, digital cameras, tablets and so forth.

Sometimes, shopping for technology can be confusing. With such a wide range of models and brands on show bth online and in stores, choosing the best one for you can become a difficult task. To help, ReviewGist allows you to quickly and easily check the latest reviews for almost every device likely to be on display.

The reviews aren’t just from anybody either. ReviewGist’s review sources include Amazon, PhoneArena, PC World, CNET, PC Advisor and many more.


Never Make the Wrong Purchase

The greatest feature of ReviewGist, is its simplicity. Upon opening the app for the very first time, you are greeted with a long list of gadget types, ranging from digital cameras to ebook readers.

You can then tap on the type of device you’re trying to buy, and continue on to select the brand and model of the gadget you wish to read reviews about.

Once you find the exact device you’re looking for, ReviewGist lists all of the available review sites, along with their ratings, which is presented via a 5 star scale. To read the reviews, you can simply click on the source, which will reveal the reviewer’s conclusions on the device, along with the option to read the entire review article right from the app.


ReviewGist Design & Interface

ReviewGist offers a simple, sleek yet aestheticlly pleasing interface which is extremely fast, responsive and easy to navigate.

Gadgets and devices appear in list form, making good use of screen space, whilst multiple reviews can be viewed together in a similar way. Alernatively whole review articles can be seen wih full screen, giving a better insight.

Each product is professionally presented with an image and their exact model code, allowing you to make sure that the reviews you read are definitely about the product you’re thinking of buying.

Final Remarks

Whether you’re out shopping for cameras, or at home browsing the latest deals on laptops, ReviewGist helps you find and read all of the best reviews for the product you’re interested in – and fast.

The range of products and brands is vast, and a handy “Top Rated” section for each type of hardware is available, giving you a list of the very best products currently on offer.

ReviewGist is incredibly useful when it comes to choosing between technology, so if you enjoy purchasing gadgets, I definitely recommend this app as a worthy and reliable source of good review information.

Download ReviewGist from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.