Do you love iPhone or prefer Android? Wait, don’t answer because, chances are, your level education, income, occupation and even what kind of alcohol you prefer will tell us everything we need know.

Regular Tapscape readers already know that rich, educated people love iPhone. But what about Android people?

A new survey attempts to find out what iPhone and Android people are really like.

Unsurprisingly, rich + education people love iPhone and tech types, especially the boozy variety, prefer Android.

Love iPhone vs Prefer Android


Educational attained
— iPhone people are more educated: Over-weight +27 percent for graduate/PhD education and under-weight -33 percent for high school education
— Android people show the same pattern to a much smaller degree: +8 percent for graduate/PhD, -12 percent for high school
Household income?
— iPhone people are more affluent: they over-weight +11% for $75,000, +30% for $100,000 and +48% for $125,000
— Android people are much less affluent but still have above average means: they over-weight for income categories above $50,000 but to a much smaller degree: +4% to +14%.
— There are no significant differences
Current occupation
— iPhone people are professionals and business people; they over-weight +38% for professional/managerial and +31% for operations/sales
— Many Android people are techies: they over-weight 50% for computer/technical/medical and only slightly for the two preceding categories
— Both iPhone and Android under-weight for blue-collar and retired populations
Follow technology news
— Both iPhone and Android people do, but Android people do a bit more: they over-weight +35% versus +22% for Apple people
Land-line phone
— Both groups over-weight strongly for cutting the cord: iPhone +25% and Android +30%.
Addicted to digital devices
— iPhone people are most addicted with a +67% over-weight, far ahead of Android people at +39%.

Two interesting asides about iPhone and Android people. First, Android users prefer hard liquor and, second, iPhone users tend to report they only own one car.

Or, in other words, the rich + educated folk who love iPhone probably tend to cluster in cities and Android users, perhaps for obvious reasons, need a good stiff drink.

What’s it all mean? No much.

Try not to self identify with brands, be nice people and try to some experience. Be happy!

What’s your take?

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